What to Read Next for Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is just around the corner (!!!) and along with great food, Thanksgiving always means curling up in a comfortable chair preferably with a blanket after a brisk walk down to the beach and delving in to some great book. I’m definitely looking forward to the down time that I have next week, but the problem is I don’t know what book to read. Dun dun dun (dramatic music). I’ve had a bit of book ADD recently and I start and stop books a lot because I don’t know what I’m in the mood for. I have a growing list of potential books to bring with me over Thanksgiving vacation to satisfy whatever kind of mood I’m in. Some of these mean trips to the library, others are new or rereads. I’ve been meaning to read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman and it’s been sitting on my bedside table for a while now, and I’ve also been wanting to reread The Night Circus and a couple of other things. But I’ve also had my eye on some YA things. I only read YA over summer break – nothing else, and that continued in to the fall, and while I have read other things since then I don’t think I’ve actually finished any of them. And I tend not to review books I don’t finish. Oh well.

I also have been thinking a bit more about my story lately. I thought of another scene while I was going to bed a few nights ago, so I’m hoping to sit down with those ideas at some point over the break as well. We’ll see what happens…

This weekend I am also going on a retreat with 100+ high school students and I am so pumped! It should be a great trip. We are going to Princeton for the weekend (its aptly called Princeton Weekend) and its always crazy and so great! I started going as a student, and I volunteered a couple of times when I could in college, and I’ve been going back ever since. I am definitely pumped for this weekend even if we do all sleep on a gym floor. And then there’s Thanksgiving! I always love this stretch before Thanksgiving – even if it has been crazy cold here…I’ll just use that as an excuse to drink Starbucks holiday drinks and tea. Happy Friday everyone, and if anyone has any good book recommendations leave them in the comments!

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Two Books at Once

What are your feelings on reading two books at once? When I was younger I did this all the time – before schoolwork decided to take over my life. But in more recent years I have been a one book only kind of girl. Lately, however, I have been debating delving back into the two-book way. Not permanently, just for now.

This is mainly because last week I had a pretty bad cough. It took away a lot of my energy and left me lying on a couch watching old episodes of Heroes on Netflix. I was also really in the mood to read, but I’ve been reading Great Expectations, and didn’t have the concentration to delve into that at the time. I have been really enjoying it a lot, more than I expected, but I just needed something less dense. So I FINALLY started Gone Girl. And then I was reading two books at once. I am fully enthralled in Gone Girl (more on that later), but am planning on returning to Great Expectations (review to come). It’s just such a problem when you have two good books that you want to read…

Anyway, I haven’t posted recently because I have been busy being sick and on vacation, but that’s an update on where I am in my reading life. I haven’t reviewed a book in a while either (Great Expectations is long after all), but I am planning on finishing Gone Girl sometime this week so review to come. (Not so spoiler alert: It’s good). Then back to Dickens and who knows from there? I miss talking about books on here. Signs that I am a bibliophile…

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and welcome to the (official) Christmas season!