World Book Night Update

So this past Wednesday was the third annual US World Book Night as I mentioned in my previous post (I was too busy yesterday to update so here I am now). Like last year a group of NYU SPI people and I went to The Barclay Center to hand out books at the Atlantic/Pacific subway station in Brooklyn since it is sufficiently busy there. We had three people handing out books – Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman, and Pontoon by Garrison Keillor. I managed to get a copy of Code Name Verity and The Zookeeper’s Wife for myself. Code Name is fiction while Zookeeper is nonfiction, which I do still want to read more of, and both are about World War II, so I might start another World War II reading phase shortly depending on how long my to read list is/what I want to read next. For a list of books that were handed out at World Book Night click here – there was a good variety this year.

Handing out the books never takes too long in the subway, although we didn’t have quite the rush at the end that we did last year. People were pretty wary of us giving out free things without a catch. There’s no money involved, we don’t ask for credit card info, and we didn’t even require emails, and that makes New Yorkers nervous. We also didn’t seem to have as many people ask what we were about as compared to last year, although there were a few. Most people just grabbed whatever book it was we had in our hand without breaking their stride or making eye contact. Welcome to New York. There were a couple of people who stared at us or the books and then just kept on walking, and there was a little girl who grabbed a copy of The Zookeeper’s Wife, which is about hiding Jews from the Nazis in a zoo, so maybe her mom will like it, because she herself was pretty young for that kind of thing…

Anyway, once again we managed to get rid of all our books, so hopefully people have good books to read on their commutes or over the weekend. When we were done we went out for really good Mexican food. I also signed up for the World Book Night Newsletter – I was going to last year and then life got in the way, so next year I can actually get a box of books to hand out myself. I’m definitely looking forward to it. Happy Reading!

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