Operation: Bookshelves

A few weeks ago I started a rather ambitious project: organizing my bookshelves. I have two bookshelves in my room – a tall white one and a shorter brown one. They have always been jam-packed full of books, but as I was going through them I noticed that 1) I tended to double layer books on the shelves and then forget what books I had 2) it got to be pretty cluttered.

I am not one for getting rid of books, but I do have limited space, and many of the books on my shelves were ones that I either wasn’t going to read or didn’t really want to keep, so now I have a large shopping bag of books to donate and another bag in the works. It was getting to the point that books were stacking up around my room – the windowsill, my desk, bedside table, under the bedside table, next to the bookshelf. There was definitely room for improvement.

I also took this opportunity to loosely organize my books into categories. So far I have fantasy, religion, and classics/lit fiction (which is split between the top shelf and third shelf down). Each section is loosely organized by author – it’s not the dewy decimal system, but it works. I also have a few books that are doubled up to save space, but not as much as before.

I still have the second bookcase to go through, but I was noticing there are a lot of books in that shelf that I would be okay getting rid of. There are a few keepers (Harry Potter, my yearbooks, playbills,) but there is a lot of potential space there as well. I also need to go through my notebooks from over the years that took up the bottom two shelves of the bigger bookcase – I am planning on consolidating them to one shelf. I am a hoarder of notebooks and while I do want to keep many of my stories and journals from over the years, the ones that have one page written in them and don’t go anywhere after that I don’t need to keep forever. I’m not entirely sure what I will do with them yet, but I can cross that bridge when I come to it.

I also have a stack of miscellaneous college books I either want to keep or haven’t been able to sell over the years (obscure modern irish plays I’m looking at you) so some of those will be added to the pile as well.

I’m pretty excited about this because it will clean up my room and make my bookshelves less intimidatingly messy than they were before. Also, if I don’t double up all my books I will have more room to put finished origami projects. A few months ago I started doing origami and it stuck. It’s great thing to do while watching tv or a movie (it doesn’t help my Netflix addiction) and its pretty and satisfying. Right now a lot of my origami is in my office space, but with the extra room I will soon have, I can expand to my bookshelves as well.

So here’s a few pictures of what I’ve done so far:

bookshelf 1 (with my “I’d rather be on Martha’s Vineyard” sign and a phizz origami ball I made last week) –


A close up of the Phizz ball –


A few other origami projects I’ve done recently (a kusudama and a rosette) –



Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.46.01 PM


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