Writing, Reading, and Research

ImageDoes anyone have any good ideas about how to survive this snowpocolypse? It actually looks like it has turned into a rainpocolypse by now, but that’s besides the point. Lately I have been looking for some new projects, but I’ve also been making a point to spend at least some of the day working on my story idea. Yes, it’s back. Some of the character’s names have changed but I’m feeling good about it.

The time that I spend working on it isn’t always used for writing. I have been stuck in a somewhat mundane scene that is important for setting things up later but it itself isn’t all too exciting. But in the past few days I have figured a few things out and have planned out a few other scenes for the future. It’s more of a I-don’t-know-what-to-do-here-but-wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if-such-and-such-happened-later? I don’t know when later but just later.

Sometimes I plan out things in my pretty moleskine notebook that I got a few months ago when I realized the smaller notebook I was using just wasn’t going to cut it. Sometimes I do background research. And sometimes I actually write. But doing research and actually writing are two very different mind sets, and it is a little strange switching between the two. I’ve been reading The Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman to get some background on World War I, since part of my story takes place during that time. Lately I’ve been reading about the different countries’ military plans, and how the whole thing was just one big mess waiting to happen.

But I’m enjoying the research. I probably won’t be reviewing The Guns of August on here since I’m reading it as more of a textbook (underlining, notes, etc.) but it has been pretty interesting. And I figure I need to do more research than I actually will use in the story just so I have an overall view of the era. Then I can pick and chose what I need for my story and work from there.

And even if I’m not physically writing something everyday the characters and plot are still on my mind. I’ve also been debating drawing my characters so I know what they look like but I’ve never been that great a drawer, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m still not giving myself any deadlines or anything like that when it comes to my story. It is still a fun side project for me, which is why I don’t always talk about it on here – sometimes I am working on it and sometimes I’m not, and deadlines or specific goals would most likely add stress to a project that is really not stressful. I am still looking for jobs and freelance editing projects as well but all I’ve been really enjoying this process. I’ve just been putting on some background music (either film scores or Let It Go from Frozen) and seeing what happens. And I also know a lot more about World War I now as well. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert yet but it’s getting there 😛


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One thought on “Writing, Reading, and Research

  1. Good luck to you. Cold winter days are perfect for research but then again I’m just guessing. It’s 90 degrees today in L.A., and I’m watching the planes put out another fire. Crazy weather. Lorlinda

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