Life Update: Florida and Freelancing

Over the weekend I went down to Florida to visit my godmother. It was so nice to get away and to experience real warm weather. It has been fairly good spring weather here in New York, but in Florida it was full on summer. 80 degrees everyday shorts and t-shirt sit by the pool and go swimming kind of weather, and it was great.

My godmother lives down the street from a dock and a bay which meant every night there were fabulous sunsets.Image


I also got to see some pelicans: one of God’s more ridiculous looking creatures if you ask me.


Needless to say waking up to rain in New York was a slight disappointment after Florida weather. But I have still managed to keep myself busy and stay on top of the freelancing projects I have. I actually just finished up Part I of one of the books that I have been editing so I am happy about that. It’s exciting to see a project through to the end (even thought there is more of the book to go) and I am interested to see what happens next.

I also just started working on another project last week before leaving for Florida, so I have been delving into that as well. It’s interesting to see different author’s writing styles,  seeing how each one approaches their story, and seeing how I can work with them as an editor. I feel like I am getting to know characters that no one else knows yet, and seeing how they deal with the problems in their lives. Because that’s really what a book is – a series of problems in a character’s life. It has also made me appreciate how important some of the smaller details of a book are, like the wording of a certain sentence, or making sure that a certain aspect of a character or the plot matches up with something else that happens later down the road. Because often times it is in those smaller details where a book really comes together as a whole.

Each story could be categorized as fantasy but they are both very different from each other, and are targeted towards different audiences. All in all this experience has been a lot of fun and I’m glad I have been able to work with these authors and their manuscripts.


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