The Year of Magical Blogging


A year ago today, I decided to start a blog. I was sitting in my room at college, and posted a review of The Hunger Games online. I miss that room. It was probably my favorite room that I had for the four years I was at school. It was on the top floor of the building, and had a sloping ceiling and a dormer window. Since it was in the corner, it was smaller than most of the other rooms on the floor, but that also meant it was easier to keep clean. I made it very homey with a soft tan rug, and a light that gave off a pink glow. It was a good room to study in.

I started this blog for a few reasons. One was to counteract the fact that I was graduating. It would give me something to do on a regular basis and keep me productive. I am very schedule oriented, and this was the beginning of my post-graduation schedule. Of course, my schedule has increased to include more things since then, as it would naturally, but this was its start.

I also remembered around this time last year, realizing that graduating meant that I could read whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. As nerdy as it sounds, this fact actually helped me deal with the fact that I was graduating a lot. Also, there have definitely been times where I have really enjoyed writing a post, and then I realize it’s because I am writing something similar to an essay. Essays are familiar to me, and I love talking about the things I am passionate about. And if there is anything I know how to do after 17 years of education, it is how to write an essay.

It has always been challenging for me to start a routine. At the beginning of every semester in college I would go to the gym, work out for about 20 minutes, feel great, and swear that this would be the year that I would go to the gym once a week, and maybe even push it up to twice a week if I was really good. This never happened. I would go at the beginning of the semester, and then sporadically throughout the rest of the year, when I was feeling especially stir crazy and energetic (which, mind you, is a very specific combination of feelings), and that was it.

So, I am somewhat surprised that I have been able to keep up this blog so regularly. Of course, I didn’t post much while I was in school. I was too busy focusing on writing a seminar paper, memorizing obscure facts about European cathedrals, and finishing my senior year, to read on my own, let alone talk about what I was reading on my own. (See Thoughts About Book Challenges)

But, I was surprised at how easily posting on a weekly basis fell into my routine post-graduation. I have been really enjoying it, and I especially like expanding the topics that I cover (i.e. talking about education , and movies). I’m excited to see what else I can find. I have always been interested in books and stories, of course, but also psychology, history, education etc. I am a multi-facited nerd, and I would love to expand what I talk about on this blog, while still keeping it relevant.

I am also happy that I have close to 100 followers. I know that’s nothing to brag about really in the blogosphere, but it is still a milestone, I think. So thanks, everyone, for reading my bookish ramblings!


Note: At the time that I read The Hunger Games, winter break of my senior year, dystopian novels were not as big as they are now. Many of them had been published, but the craze had only just begun. Hence the title of my review: Not Your Average YA read. See how much can change in a little over a year?


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