But Actually…This Is My Life…

Hello all! I have been pretty busy lately which has been great, but it has also meant that I have not been able to post recently. I do have a fun little post today. What Happens When You Like Books More Than Anything Else in the Whole World via Bookriot.

from Book Riot

from Book Riot

Some might scoff at this article, but to others it is completely true. Those of us who curl up in bed and read at night instead of going to sleep (that’s how I finished the 7th Harry Potter). Or, those of us who find no use for a bag unless it can hold a book. I think I have one bag that cannot successfully hold a book and I only used it for prom. Some of us are introverts. Some are extroverts. Some might have joined a fandom long before the movie and others might have hopped on so they could see the movie without ruining the book. We all know that the book is better anyway. And we also know that commuting is far less exciting when we don’t have a good book to delve into to get ourselves away from the crowds on the subway.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a dinner to go to. I am going to take the subway and bring my book. And when I finish that book (which is amazing) I will undoubtedly review it on here, and then proceed to make everyone I know read it. (See Chatting Normally). So be prepared. And keep on reading!


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