Two Books at Once

What are your feelings on reading two books at once? When I was younger I did this all the time – before schoolwork decided to take over my life. But in more recent years I have been a one book only kind of girl. Lately, however, I have been debating delving back into the two-book way. Not permanently, just for now.

This is mainly because last week I had a pretty bad cough. It took away a lot of my energy and left me lying on a couch watching old episodes of Heroes on Netflix. I was also really in the mood to read, but I’ve been reading Great Expectations, and didn’t have the concentration to delve into that at the time. I have been really enjoying it a lot, more than I expected, but I just needed something less dense. So I FINALLY started Gone Girl. And then I was reading two books at once. I am fully enthralled in Gone Girl (more on that later), but am planning on returning to Great Expectations (review to come). It’s just such a problem when you have two good books that you want to read…

Anyway, I haven’t posted recently because I have been busy being sick and on vacation, but that’s an update on where I am in my reading life. I haven’t reviewed a book in a while either (Great Expectations is long after all), but I am planning on finishing Gone Girl sometime this week so review to come. (Not so spoiler alert: It’s good). Then back to Dickens and who knows from there? I miss talking about books on here. Signs that I am a bibliophile…

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and welcome to the (official) Christmas season!


4 thoughts on “Two Books at Once

  1. I’m a one-book-at-a-time kind of guy 😉 There’s so many books I want to read (and the list always seems to grow instead of shorten), so I’m pretty particular. Saying this, as soon as I read your explanation for reading two-at-a-time I could totally see myself doing the same thing. I look forward to your review on Great Expectations. I enjoyed the old movie for whatever that’s worth.

  2. Read two. Read three. Whatever you feel like. Remember that reading is for you. Make it be whatever you want it to be. I often am in the middle of a number of books at once. I often give up on books that aren’t working for me. I find I read more this way, so I just go with it.

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