Late Night Book Poetry

It’s late and I was in the mood to post something but I didn’t know what. Also, I traded working tomorrow for working on Friday, so I have a day off tomorrow. What to do, what to do…

Anyway, since I don’t have anything that is dying to be said on this blog at the moment (still very much in the middle of Great Expectations) I decided to try my hand at a little book poetry, or spine poetry, whatever the “official” term is for it. I have lots of books in my room, many from random college classes that are hard to sell back to amazon (Modern Irish Literature), or random books from college that I don’t want to sell back to amazon (poetry and fiction writing books). And of course, there is the random assortment of novels that I acquire on a regular basis. I used to have more (four large bookshelves full) but we gave away a ton of books when my family moved a few years ago. Still, it looked like I had some good potential for book poetry. So next thing I know I am sitting on my floor taking pictures of books at 12:30 at night. Very normal. Anyway, I might have gotten carried away but here is the result. It was pretty fun I will probably do it again in the future. 🙂








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