Free Books and Mystery Novels

I am sick with a cold so as I type I am lying on a couch with not a lot of energy and a comfy sweatshirt. I had enough energy to get through work today, and it was a good day at work too with good reading and tea. Then I was able to crash when I got home, and now I can just relax and eat cough drops and have hot beverages for a while.

Anyway, at work we have been donating a lot of extra books that we have. A lot of my job this week was collecting the extra books and organizing them so we could see what we had available. People have also been taking books that they want before we donate them. I have taken 3-4 books. I don’t know if I will read them immediately or not (my to read list is still somewhat intimidating) but they are there if I need them.

At work I have been reading quite a few mystery novels for one agent who specializes in them. I have read mystery novels before, and went through an Agatha Christie phase years ago, but I haven’t really been reading them recently on my own, except at work now. Well two of the books that I took from work are mystery novels and I am looking forward to reading them. One of them was recommended to me by a girl I work with. It is part of a series by Michael Robotham, so if its good there are always more. They are psychological thrillers, and I figured I like psychology, and seeing why people or characters do what they do. So I guess I’m going through a mystery thing now? We will just have to wait and see. A lot of the stuff that I have been reading for work has been really good, so I am excited to see more mystery novels in their final published stage as opposed to an earlier draft, even if they are by different writers. Also I’ve been meaning to read Gone Girl forever which also falls into the genre.

I have a book review in the making that I will type up once I feel better and have more energy. It will be for The Age of Miracles that I read last weekend. That will probably be in the next couple of days. Two posts in one week. How exciting!


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