Update: The Life of a Literary Agent Intern

Right now I’m in the middle of reading The Night Circus which is really good. It’s been on my to read list for a while and I figured since I wasn’t sure what to read next I would go for it. I wanted to get a book from the library, but most of the books I want to read are new so everyone else wants to read them too. So they are all out. But I managed to buy The Night Circus and am enjoying it so far (review to come once I finish it).

The reason I’ve been delayed in reading for fun is because I have been reading a lot of things for work. I have been going through the queries pile, which is always interesting and entertaining. It’s pretty cool when you come across something that is really well written, or a fresh story idea or both! I also get to drink tea while doing this which makes me feel very civilized.

Anyway, in my last round of going through queries I requested two full manuscripts from the author(s) for agents to looks at to see if they want to work on them. They both got back to me that day so now I have two manuscripts to read before forwarding them to an agent with my reader’s report. Both have good potential. I’m getting close to the end of one which I am enjoying, but also have ideas and critiques on how it can be improved which is nice. I’m looking to finish this manuscript by the end of the weekend and start on the second which is also longer, but looks good as well.

I am able to walk to work which is really nice (especially the fact that I can avoid commuter traffic, which was handy last week during UN week). I get to listen to my music and enjoy being outside twice a day, but that also means that I don’t read for fun as much considering that subways and busses = good reading time for me. So most of my reading is for work, which I enjoy.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on both in my reading life and in my real life. Happy weekend everyone!


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